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  • How long does it take to replace a seawall?
    We can remove an old existing seawall and install a new vinyl sheet pile wall in as little as seven days. The permitting process can take from several days to several weeks and the same with the engineered drawings used to pull the proper permits.
  • How much will this cost?
    There are many factors that are to be considered in the cost of a new seawall. What condition is the old seawall in? Is it basically intact and we can just install a new wall in front of it or has it completely failed and fallen in the canal? Is there access to get equipment into the back yard or does this job have to be done using a barge and floated up to the property via a canal? All those are considerations. Fortunately our seawall specialists can evaluate this quickly and we offer up to 100 percent financing on almost every seawall repair.
  • How long does a new seawall last?
    The new vinyl products we use are made with UV protected materials that have a warranty from 50 years to 79 years.
  • Can I use a credit card to pay for my seawall?
    Yes, we accept most major credit cards, cash, checks and we offer up to 100% financing options as well. We can arrange low monthly payments while adding value to your property, safety and a great looking back yard for you.
  • How do I know if I need a new seawall?
    Here are a few ways you can tell if you need a new seawall: - Do you notice your slabs leaning? - Is the soil behind the wall decreasing? - Do you see visible rust stains? - Are your slabs deteriorating? - Do you notice any cracks in your seawall caps? - Is your seawall's stress beam failing? If you said yes to any one of these questions, you should contact a seawall professional immediately!
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